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So, what is NAD+?

NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide+) is a critical coenzyme that is found in every one of our cells. NAD acts like a personal assistant for proteins by turning nutrients into energy to regulate cellular functions, including sirtuins. Sadly, NAD levels begin to decline as we age. But now we can prop up our NAD levels with NAD Supplements such as EnervitesNAD+ Longevity Age Code.

Enervite’s NAD+ Age Code is formulated with the NAD+ precursors nicotinic acid and nicotinamide that the liver uses to make NAD+. This product is unique in providing these precursors in modified release formula so the liver receives them in a steady dose and can efficiently produce NAD+ for use in the body. The formula of Enervite NAD+ also includes Leucine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Other cell health and repair ingredients.

How to Prevent Ageing!

Firstly, we need to change our perspective on ageing. Across the entire world, humans have accepted ageing and its effects as something that is inevitable and that we cannot hide from, but why? Instead of focusing on treating age-related diseases such as dementia or cancers, perhaps we should shift our approach to focus on the root cause of them.


In the most basic sense, the Theory of Ageing is based on the loss of analog information in the epigenome; this comes through the replication of cells and naturally occurs continually through our body. But what happens if we look at preventing the recurrence of cells in our body and focus more on the maintenance of our cells. Much like Chinese whispers if we avoid the number of times the information is passed around (through cell replication), we reduce the potential for loss or degradation of information.

Through groundbreaking research in Australia and America, Dr David A. Sinclair and his team have been able to understand more on specific longevity methods, including NAD. Such drugs and future technologies look set to change the way we age and even have the capability to reverse ageing effects and prevent it altogether, thus reducing or eliminating age-related diseases.

nad_and _nmn_testing_in_mice

NAD Testing in Mice

This is where the science is incredibly promising. Dr David A Sinclair and his team at Harvard University have been able to consistently increase the lifespan of mice by up to 40%, with a combination of compounds like NAD over the last ten years. If we were able to replicate these kinds of figures and there isn’t any reason to believe why we couldn’t, this could add another 30 years to Humans Average lifespan. Living to 100 would be the new norm, and if someone passed away before the age of 100, you would be saddened that they had not had a full life, that they were taken too soon and a tragedy to die so young.

Find all the key research information here on our Scientific Research on NAD and NMN Article

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from $49 per 30 tablets


You don’t just live longer you are physically younger

The most common thing you hear when people respond to the idea of living into their 100’s is “I don’t want to live that long, it would be horrible”, but what they don’t realise is that they actually won’t feel like being in their 100’s, but in their 50s or perhaps even younger. This sounds like something out of a futuristic movie, doesn’t it? But it’s real and even better it’s here!

As studies have shown in mice, these compounds don’t just prevent the effects of ageing, but they are more than capable as demonstrated in studies, to reverse the effects of ageing by treating the causes of ageing.

As with all groundbreaking new products you need to be careful before the regulators have proper consumer laws in place for individual compounds/supplements there’s a few things you need to know before you buy and start consuming.

1. Ensure the product is exactly what it says it is.
2. The product must come from a reputable well-established manufacturer of supplements.
3. The product is reasonably priced. If it is 80% cheaper than every other similar work, you have to ask yourself “Well. why is that?”

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What is NAD+ Used For?

Existing drugs and compounds:

NAD boosters:
These are the emerging compounds of interest. Two variants (NR and NMN) both show incredibly promising signs, while research has also found that they may prolong fertility. Human Trials are currently underway with both already showing great feedback, so much so that everyone involved in the research is already actively taking this supplement along with NMN.

We Are Taking It:

We put our money where our mouth is, and members of our staff and those who work in the manufacturing lab have been taking this supplement. True to the research found in Dr David Sinclair’s book we are noticing higher levels of energy, apparent ability to think, feeling evermore youthful in the morning and whilst we can’t vouch for looking any younger just yet, we are definitely feeling it.

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from $49 per 30 tablets