Chaga Biohacker Set™ of 5 Liquid Extracts 60ml

5 reviews for Chaga Biohacker Set™ of 5 Liquid Extracts 60ml

  1. Linda

    OMG…. 🤩. I Love Love Love the these Mushies 5# Combination “Unlocking humanity’s Potential”. Helps me from the beginning of my day wakeing up refreshed, through work Managing stress, giving me mentality clarity, to digestion, to Energy for physical work to working out. And to rest for a good night sleep. It’s eveything in one. Tryed there supplRead more about review stating Iv tryed nearly everything and hooked. 😋ements from their plant protein protein, there mushie coffee, the their mushi Chi. Yummo

  2. Belen J

    Since taking the bio hacker set, I’ve noticed a huge change in my energy levels, moods and sleep. For years I’ve been on antidepressants along side vitamins and additional medication but this year I got off all of that and I feel as though I can confidently say the Bio set has contributed to the ease of my transition, as well as also allowing me tRead more about review stating Now that I’ve started, I’ll never stopo find an organic and natural ways to balance my head and body. I Have now been taking every mushroom liquid extract in my pack religiously and don’t see myself ever stopping.

    Although I normally take Lions mane in the morning, if I ever feel like a heavier sleep I will take that in the evening. Every day I start with Cordyceps to increase my focus and makes me feel switched on. Reishi at night time immediately allows me to unwind (especially after intense days) and my skin has never looked so good.

    I can’t say how happy I am that I discovered this brand and these products, I also can’t recommend it enough.

  3. Lee W

    Love these products so much, and have used them for well over a year!!!
    I’m 57 and still feel 37!!!!

  4. Carmen B

    The combination of these mushrooms has made me so much more grounded than I have felt in a long time! Being in Melbourne lock down where our sense of reality got a bit lost, this has greatly helped me find strength and push through.
    I absolutely recommend!

  5. Josh B

    Well well well what can say?
    10/10 for the performance pack I start my day at 4am and at work in a busy HiuT studio by 5am I need to be fuelled charged and ready to rock using Cordyceps for energy! lions mane for focus communicating and demonstrating My workouts and change first thing at 4am to kick off my energy brain and body function

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